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In order for iPhone X to browse the web better, I added a navigation button to the web page

After the release of iPhoneX, the new screen and the adapted iOS system gave us a whole new world of interaction. Before we accustomed to the interaction, in this screen with bangs, no longer exactly the same, just before the design, on this screen does not seem to function perfectly. Product designer Daniel Korpai discovered the interaction issues with the iPhoneX mobile web page navigation and wrote this article.
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Using hamburger menus or using tabbed navigation is a common problem for mobile UI designers. For the time being, tabbed navigation seems to be gaining in popularity as the size of the screen of the phone grows uncontrollably.
However, it is worth noting that APP will be more likely to use tab navigation on the mobile side, while the vast majority of mobile sites still use the hamburger menu as their primary navigation tool. It is worth noting that the hamburger menu this design in the current growing mobile phone screen, usability is gradually reduced.

The key pain point

Most of the time, we use mobile phones while on the move, on the subway, in supermarkets, on the way to get off work, at a time when we are often unable to operate our hands, carrying bags in our hands, holding a cup of coffee, or holding the subway Handrail But often this time, we need to interface with the rapid interaction.
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Most traditional mobile site navigation, either at the top of the page or at the bottom, but the problem is that the phone screen is too large. The home page hamburger menu icon is often located in the phone's upper left corner or upper right corner, just the farthest position from the thumb.

Faced with the challenge

Faced with this pain point, UI and UX designers did not ignore. There are many designers and developers in collaboration with the site at the bottom of the interface to place a small size of the fixed navigation bar. When viewed on the desktop, it appears to be suspended in the navigation of the page, on the mobile side, it is a quick-access, small navigation button combination that is docked at the bottom of the page.
Subsequently, this attempt evolved into a series of quick access function buttons near the hamburger icon, which represent important and commonly used functional elements of the site, possibly navigating, calling, page-specific links, and the like.
The problem is that on the iPhone X, usability is still a problem even with navigation so designed, and the buttons that host the browser's main interaction need to be fired from the top of the UI. At the same time, the built-in menu at the bottom of the page is actually distracting, the entire experience is fragmented.
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Landing design

So, I ponder the design of a set of mobile webpage navigation that tries to balance all devices, including iPhoneX, to make it easy to use and solve various pain points as much as possible. My method is not complicated, is in the mobile webpage near the bottom of the position to add a floating menu button.
This fixed position of the center of the levitation button down, whether it is left-hand or right-hand grip can just click get. In order not to be affected by the iPhoneX screen edge fillet, but also try not to affect the built-in navigation toolbar, I decided to let the button click trigger, the expansion is a menu bar across the screen. The button is located near the bottom but not near the edge and will not cover iPhoneX's Home key. The location is not difficult to choose.
Click the hover button, the web menu expands, will also trigger and call the system built-in browser navigation menu, both together. The user can not only call various operations on the current webpage in the above webpage menu, but also click the following browser menu to operate on different webpages. best seo company in nigeria
However, this solution is not perfect. On iOS Safari, by clicking on any element at the bottom of the screen, the first click triggers the Safari browser's built-in menu bar and the second one will actually trigger the suspended site's navigation bar. However, developers can be targeted to adjust, cheat iOS Safari browser, let it trigger the navigation of the page when the first click.

Available prototypes

My goal in designing the prototype was to create a prototype that was fast, short, and interactive, and made sure that it seemed viable to the developer:

Final thinking

This is not a too complicated design project, but it actually solves the tangled pain points in actual demand. This concept is designed to be easily implemented on a large mobile device. However, it can continue to explore further, for example, where is it possible to place the navigation button in the iPad Pro browser? Designers can also carefully weigh whether this button should be hidden when scrolling through, how to hide and when to fire.
I think this is the UI / UX designers need to think about it.
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